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Greatest Digital Conference 2023

AD Days Algeria is a groundbreaking event that will be taking place for the first time in Africa. It is a part of a series of global conferences that have been held in Vietnam, Chile, and Hungary. The conference focuses on e-commerce and affiliate marketing trends and innovations and will feature workshops, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities. It's an exciting opportunity for attendees in Algeria to connect with others in the industry and gain knowledge from experienced professionals. As the first ever AD Days event in Africa, the Algerian edition promises to be a unique and valuable experience.


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The Event Commentators

The most talented people take part in Conference organization

Founder @ IN
Ayoub Meddah
Head of Affiliate Marketing Dpt @ AdCombo
Ella Mak
NLP Engineer @ Qatent
Merouane Bennaceur
Media Buying Consultant @ AdCombo
Amine Habet
Founder @ Talabastore
Sami Aliouche